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Testimonials from non-Welsh speaking parents

"When my daughter was three months old, I researched primary schools in Caerffili, our school (YGC) was undoubtedly top of the list. The fact that it is Welsh medium has also made my dream come true. In my opinion, being able to speak the language is part of one's identity. My husband, despite born and bred in Cardiff, was never given the opportunity to go to a Welsh school. It made us even more determined to give our daughter the chance to learn her mother tongue for the benefit of herself and many generations ahead. Now both my husband and I are learning Welsh with the support of our school staff and our daughter. We couldn't be more proud. Diolch o galon!"


"I have had 5 children attend this school, I am a non Welsh speaking parent and over the past 25 years I have never experienced any issues with helping them reach their full educational potential. This school will put the firm foundations of the building blocks your children will need to reach their full potential. The teachers go above and beyond to ensure your child has a positive and rewarding time at school. My eldest two children have completed their education at masters level with no problems with transferring from Welsh to English at further education level. . Research states children who are bilingual are able to access their emotional part of their brains better than children who attend one language schooling. It also enables them later on in life to be more employable. With the welsh language growing as it is, you would not like your child to be left behind."


"We chose the school initially because it had the best school report. Neither parent speaks Welsh but one of us did learn it in school. We were slightly concerned that we would struggle to help out with homework etc, but the school are very supportive with this. Everything comes home bilingually and on the odd occasion it hasn't (or when there has been a Welsh book with some unknown words) the teachers have always gladly helped translate anything. I think it's really important for children to learn the Welsh language, and being bilingual will help them to learn other languages when they're older if they wish to." 


"I had some reservations about sending my daughter to a Welsh speaking school as we aren’t a Welsh speaking household and her older brothers had attended an English speaking school. I am now so glad that we opted for Welsh medium education! She is a fluent Welsh speaker now and easily switches between speaking and reading in both languages. I feel that being bilingual has given her an advantage that her brothers didn’t have. She is reading at a higher level in both English and Welsh than they were at the same age. The school have been consistently supportive and every communication we receive (homework, letters, emails) are written in both languages. Also, there were a couple of short sessions for parents during the foundation phase of learning . These were so helpful in guiding non Welsh speakers to understand the basics to support their children. The teachers at the school have a genuine passion for the language and are so enthusiastic about teaching it. I would choose Welsh medium education without hesitation now."


"We had a great experience so far, although we were worried at the beginning about how we would understand homework, we're going through it one step at a time and there is a lot of support available from teachers or fellow parents. I loved it when our kid one day just said "I need my diod (drink)"


"Even though I only have basic Welsh language skills, I have not had any problems with helping my child with homework or tasks she has to do for school. In fact, she often delights in the fact that she can teach me new Welsh words. It really is good to see her speaking Welsh with such confidence at a young age."